Tomofair Amsterdam 2019

During the weekend of 5 and 6 January 2019 I visited the Tomofair convention in Amsterdam. A short report including atmospheric photos will follow in the near future, but for now I want to dedicate this post to the cosplayers in particular. Thank you, so much, to every single one of you for taking the... Continue Reading →


First Look Festival 2018

On Saturday, October 6 2018 I visited the First Look Festival with a new goal in mind: I wanted to photograph cosplayers above anything else. While I do love gaming, my primary goal that day was cosplay. Luckily those two aren't too far apart. I even found a few cosplayers from one of my all... Continue Reading →


To my surprise my father requested to visit the Apenheul in Apeldoorn for his birthday, and who am I to say no. It was a beautiful day, and the different monkeys were in a good mood. Good enough to play with the public, despite the hot weather. Apparently I was not the only one who... Continue Reading →

Burger’s Zoo Mangrove

In early 2017 Burger's Zoo opened the doors of the new Mangrove area to the public, and who am I to skip this opportunity to take a look, right? The mangrove area is still pretty barren on these photos, but with time it will grow more and more into what it looks like in the... Continue Reading →

De Passieflorahoeve

In July of 2015 I was selected as one of the few to get a "private" tour through De Passieflorahoeve, which was originally a garden for exotic plants but throughout the years they have grown more and more into breeding different kinds of butterflies. Throughout the day I was allowed to walk and photograph everywhere,... Continue Reading →

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